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Sunday, November 20, 2011


assalamualaikum wrb : )

im shocked!

in my 19 years of life, i saw people who own the same attitudes as mine, who own a fully creative mind like me, who dress up like me and who  LOVE to follow/stalk me as well. but, on november 20th of 2011, i met my twins! twins? yeah! twins !

get what i meant by? i saw this girl on my friend's wall. she commenting on my friend's post. her name is Sue Briseis. : ) i add her bcoz she is a tutti fruitti lover ! as well as me ! : ) and we comments, talk talk talk and talk. finally? we were born on the same day/ date! yeah! 24th dec 1992 ! what aaa ..?? : ) im glad to know u dear!

she's graduated from pahang matriculation college and now at UTEM a.keroh further in engine ! hehe haish. malacca is so small aite? -.- btw we are looking forward to see each other. yeay! it will be so hot then!!! : DDD

this is tat girl >>>>>>>>>>>  

nice to know you : )
p/s: cant wait to investigate who born first. (time) ! ^_^