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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

aidiladha part 1

yeah ! aidiladha~ i celebrate it at my village, temerloh,pahang! and the 2nd day i was at serting, my ibu's house~ yeah. this year, aki and wan korban 4 bulls and 2 cows. oke. it wall cool~ i study with hitam(bull) tht night. Hitam making noise. yeah. duhhhhh here duhhhhhh there. and i was busy studying, yeah, liek seriously, studying with bulls are cool and i really enj0y it ! like what my lecturer said "enjoy with ur bull, happy revising,dear" -Dr Annisa Nor Jettey~

yeah! as i study and study, the bull was angry with me and finally? he throw over my ES notes~ errrr. and as i look to him, he was like very sad and ask for ? hmm. i know, he know tht tomorow is his day. nvm dear, you are strong.

hitam sgt comel. lepas je solat aidiladha, die di sembelih. dan sy bersama dgnnya : ) gmbr? emm. ada kat galaxy tab lah. sorry~ : )

next? lepas je lapah lapah tu, kiteorg shoot off to serting. yeah! jumpe atok & nenek! : ) itu comel !
rmai ad sana. makndak, ibu, pokcu, paklang. yeah! we lunch together. lembu dimasak! masak ap? masak lemak. dgg tok un ad. *sorry, Nadhia x suke lembu or kerbau. HAHA! kejam kn? lepas dpksa, saya makan. = =' and? pth kul 4, shoot off to melaka. sgt best tp tired! okay! buku x bukak lg, im happy  =DDDD

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