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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

study week itu apa?

hey hey bloggers.

well, everybody noe dat we r gonna sit for our exams kan?

so, i as the TESL student will be exam on 9th 10th 15th & 16th~

yeahh! itu smart ! before this, we did not sits for exams like others did *sila jgn jealous

sem 2, we sit for mock. mock not a real one = D

so, this is our first time taking it. haha!

haaaa~ this is the table !  we are the ambilan julai sem 3 : )

so... am i the study girl? haha~ well, m not. but, if i wanna study, it will be the study day after,

1st november 2011? hmm~ i love language description~
so, i do revise ~ : )

YEAH. i do study at PKP but. after 12? m studying in my own room sweet room. in fact? on my comfortable bed.~ people said, my bed is sooo comfort~ but, i still manage to stay awake! ^_^

this file do help me~ thanks MADAM JANE~ : )

My favourite grammar book after Mr COLLINS COBUILD  : )

okay~ now i feel like i wanna vomit~ vomit LDS~ HAHAHAHAHA! so, exam, im waiting  : DDD

p/s:  tomorrow is social studies day~ hmmmmmm!  = ='


  1. study2...haha...kite exam 9,10,14 n 15 la..

  2. haha~ yeke? bkn 15 16? sy yg bg jadual pastu salah. haha! terbaik~ study itu comel. oke