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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

busy + moody = Im unavailable ~

b.u.s.y ? 
it was totally me. 


people named Nadhia Shamsudin will always busy and non stop! 
tolonglah dunia, bg sy rest. oke?

oke. xnk bg rest? so, sorry people. Im sorry for late replying ur msg, ur comments, ur pokes, ur chats.


sy mmg on9 24 hours. tp, sy xd ngn fb tuh. galaxy tab sy je yg on. sy xd ctu. maaf. harap maklum

err. holiday? ye. setiap kali holiday sy mmg busy. xtwu knp.

oh, takdir hidup sy, kata kwn sy. hee. okay,. admit it. 

ALHAMDULILLAH, my friends still able to understand my business. thanks friends. antaranya? 

this is  from syahirah alias. she posted on my wall. she wrote this "nanuuu!!! XDXD" and i reply yes, why? she said this >>>  hahaa XDXD tade pe..winduu lol >.< 

Nurul Mae said >>>> nak ikut! take care kak nana. :)

abg ameer said >>>>  abg tau na busy. abg paham mcm mane org busy sbb abg pon busy gak kat sini kekadang.. but don't lose urself to ur 'busy'ness.

Bahjah Solehah bc doa dlu sis!

Muhammad Hilal Fitrywala don't be so playful...haha...take care...:)

Aida Said Tc ;)

Shelly SobSob busy sgt..hahahahhahacian dye

Adila Fazleen hahha xpe..just pastikan anda sentiasa sihat n dooa kan sy jugak ♥

err. about my 3 frens yg ajak date un, i xdpt g. im sorry Azham Akhtar Abdullah, Qurratu Aini Hassan, Siti Munirah Salehuddin. ='(
pity them. hmm. looking forward to see them. oh ALLAH, help me. =(
and ramai lg. x larat nk copy and paste nih. hoho.

tapi, yg ni agak sadis. 

1 day, budy sy tny hows my holiday? and I answer : alhamdulillah. :) but, busy tu mmg nana. memanjang kot! -.- xpenah rest lg. hantar my bro g interview MRSM , go n settle down my car yg dah hancur tu. -.- ni
tgh letak ubt dkt my hamster. depa dah gile kiss smpi berdarah. wah, jom tukar bdn. u be me n i be u. :DD 


kak fieqa REPLY >>>>> of luck then 4 ur lil bro. hope he'll do well insyaallah. =)

haha tuka bdn. i wont! i dun like hectic life. i used 2 be alone since kid. haha. but i knw u're  doin well since ur energetic+actve type. =)

ye, kak fieqa. sy mmg active. okay. terima jela. :) fine. okay. i do miss kak fieqa. she is sick
 right now. pity her :'(

 get well soon kak fieqa.

 you are strong.

 sorry na bru tawu yg akk  sakit and x recover lg.

 and if na x busy cmni, na dah smpi ipoh.

 sorry sister. be strong. get well soon. 


p/s : Nana, nevermind. this is you. yes, you are born to be busy like this. be patient yeah? okay. I will. to friends out there, im sorry. i will try to spend my time with all of you as soon as possible. L.O.V.E  

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