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Thursday, November 17, 2011

15th march - message not cute but short.

5th april - long distance msg.

11th april - fail exam. -.-

15th april - b0san lah kalau org asyik kenakan kite~
               - last msg received!

As the months go by, I stop and think about all the memories we've made, the good times we've shared, and the love between us that keeps growing. You are not only my friend, but my best friend and soulmate. You are a blessing from above -> one that I do not take for granted. I thank you for all the things that you've done for me.. Not only are you a wonderful friend, you're a terrific senior, provider. You give so freely to everyone you know in such a loving way. Your generosity is inspiring! I love you, friend...more than words, more than life. I know we are no longer to be together, but i know it is the time for you to leave~ btw, do tc okay? i know u are far away from me. but, nvm. i think ALLAH love u more. do tc yea? do well in everything u involve. may ALLAH bless you :)