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Friday, December 23, 2011

thanks people ! ^_^

okay. 1 hour more to Christmas Eve. err???

24th dec 2011 !!

by the way, im too busy. but, i squiz my time to make a post here!


Thanks to my friend named hafidzah. a very early wishes! HEHE. thanks fidzah!! :)

Thanks to abg JOE ENSEM ! hehehehe~ this feller, sme bfday ngn na! tp die abg lah. jauh beza umur! hahaha. sweet! =)

Thanks to my lovely junior ! okay. budak ni manje tp brutal. cun gtu ! thanks mira! i love you so much ! nt akk nk claim hug tu! =)

Thanks to my lovely niece! niece ni mnje ngn na ! hehe. yelew, 1st niece kan~ hew hew hew. thanks Ara! love u!

Thanks to my sister in law. awl dah igt my brithday! hehehe. love you!!!

Thanks to kak chiq duni comel ! hoho! =) L.O.VE !
Thanks to sir jebat king ! haha. i dunno why i save his numb as "sir jebat king" =) love~

Thanks mae! comel je die. bru nk act dgn die. tp, kesian. x smpai hati. hoho. love you~~

and..... to others. thanks a lot yea? tgn ni dah penat nk type. and have a very2 tired body. hoho. need to have my rest. hoho.  bed is calling.,... okay. sweet dream ! take care. thanks again =) love~
** Nana, some like monday some like SATURDAY! but, i like my birthday, i love 24th Dec 1992 . 4.30pm =)  If there is something that you are dreaming of then may it all come true because you deserve it all. Happy Birthday, sweetheart =)

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