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Monday, December 19, 2011

highway. express way. normal way. 100km/h =D

driving is awesome!

haha. i love highway.

the place where i can drive up till 200kmh~

but, with papa, I must drive carefully. hahaha!

okay. pa is a best driver ever.

since i was young, we never encounter an accident.

got ! once! the bus driver is asleep, so he bang us at the traffic light.

HAHA. still not papa's fault~

so, i wanna be like him.

drive fast but no accident recorded!


this time, i drove with him to n9. okay, seremban!

before this, he babbling. telling to drive slowly. please get the feel. not to keep right. drive in centre of the lane. bla bla bla..

but,  this time???

he just smile and told mum --> "after this, I can be the conductor. my love will be my driver. she's good in driving. even her sister and brother didnt drive like this"


so, this evening, I will be conductor to my mum. I will teach her how to drive since she had forgot how to. yeah. =)

mama. get ready, yeah. nk kne rotan? haha! =p

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