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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love life because what more is there - Anthony Hopkins -

Life? yeah.. life! I love my life. and I know my life is totally different than others. and why is that so? err. quite hard to answer it. nevermind, HE create me so do HE give me a very wonderful life. Thanks ALLAH. in order to be a lady, i have to undergo many days, many compliments, many  As what my friend said "nana love to analyse things" yeah, i do analyse everything in my life. Fortunately, analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist.  so, wht it means to be human??

A human being is not just about what we look like or what we can do. If this is how we define human beings, we would all in big trouble, because everyone looks different, and we all have different skills and abilities. What makes us human is our "end" or "goal."

hmm.. okay, this make me miss him very much. who is he? my late grandfather(papa's side). if i met him, i will be calling him "acaca" but i know God love him more. HE never gimme chances to see my acaca. hmm.. now, my atok(mama's side)is sick.. he is the only atok i have after my late acaca passed away. i never met my acaca, so i just have my atok as my 2nd parent. yes, he is my 2nd parent. he tc of me from i was a girl. he taught me how to walk, he fetched me from kindergarten, he is my bully partner, he taught me life. and now? he is lying on a bed with pale face. Okay, i am his favourite granddaughter. he told me once, y me? I don’t know. But, I appreciate it. Thanks atok! Last week, he can’t even get up from his bed, can’t talk, can’t eat and drink. Oh my! I took bus from my campus to home and drive to serting. And traffic jammed! But, I manage to meet him, THANKS again~ but ? I know. He will never be with me all the time. All of the symptoms tell me he will go. Hmm. Yeah, I am ready but I.. err. Will be missing him! Atok, I will pray hard for u. “atok, jgn tgalkan na, nt na xd atok lg, boleh tok? Janji?”(sambil cium) he replied me in a very slow voice “ye, na cium atok?”  and he cried.. ye, na taw condition atok. Tapi, janji tok, na saying atok. Atok kuat! Love u, atok.  .......... but, when I think again, it will be better for ALLAH to take him rather than he suffer like this. Kan?

i love u, atok. be strong. =)

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