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Monday, October 24, 2011

holiday part 1?

okay. holiday. my holiday is absolutely different frm my fren's hols. okay, marah! holiday sy sme dgn sekolah. tp kwn kwn sy x~ ok, takpe. letak tepi tu sume~ haha~

my holiday is fun! like seriously! hehe~ although i was busy on my studies day but ALLAH swt always give me  chances on every holiday~ ^_^ okay. byk sgt nih~ heee. meh nk cter~ :)


1205 dah smpi mc! haha! 12.30 bus! but? bus lmbat! arghhhh~ dah la atok nazak balik. so, i got to find bus yg plg cepat di dunia! tapi? xd! err? xpe~ dugaan kecik je tuh. so, smbil teman kwn sy and anta kwn, sy tny tny bus mne yg ad gerak dlu. xkesah la burn tiket pun. and at last? sy bjaye~ ^_^

mase kt mc, kakak kakak senior rmai yg tego sy. dieorg x caye sy kat sne~ semua ckp, itu nana kn? nana? is dat u, nana?  yeah, who will believe it? rumah 30-45 mins from campus nak naik bus? lg un bju dah tuka so nmpk lain~ haha. oke, pd yg xtaw tu, sy mmg suke berdikari~ after all, in my life, i've become a lone ranger since i was small~ my parents busy. its okay. it makes me be a responsible girl ~

1400 dh smpi! atok mne atok? yeay! atok ada~ oke~ best syg atok~ chit chat ~ spend my day~ alhamdulillah he is still strong. then, die kuat. okay, bole jalan. alhamdulillah.

21/10 flight to spore. oke. kejap gle da smpi~ =='
          Universal studio for the 3rd time
          Segala tempat di spore. ^_^

22/10 date ! yeah. haha! ble lg kn? heeee~ tengs dear! tp yg menyakitkan camera out! huhhhhhh~ xpela, xd gmba un xpe yg best waktu kita bersama tu! haha! mcm mcm. smpi xtaw nk describe cmne~ kan? ape ape un, thanks dear!

23/10 haha. round round go around the spore~ cousin mazen ku!(ad ke kata gnda tu? ) haha~ chicken rice ball. itu nikmat. best sgt~ haha. and plg best dpt la g tgk mcm mne dieorg wat chicken rice ball tu. haha

24/10 will be the last day of me in spore. esok kne flight g NZ ! yeah! suke NZ! Tgh syok syok kemas brg.. tetibe get call. its abt my atok???  emm. okay! x nk! nana will not going. seriously, will not fly to Nz but to malaysia. oke? alright, papa dah beli tiket ! so, now im on plane. seriously 1z time on9 on plane. and.. and.. m worried abt him. err, i know he is strong. nvm, i'll be abt 45 mins more in this plane =D atok, tunggu yep? kite dah jnji kan? :)

wish us in a very safe journey. ameen.


  1. dear...nahh I c.ON9 dlm flight upanya.Dear, do take care.have a safe journey...Anything let me know especially bout ur atok.Doa bnyk2..prepare to be strong.prepare untk trime apa yg bkal berlaku k..i'm with u dear

  2. YEAH. sgt lme nk tunggu . so type je. hee~ thanks sis. oke oke, sure~ :) okay sis. merci beaucope :)