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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DOA Rabitah?

Yes yes. Ustazah to be said so, I hve to ask her start reciting dua rabitah while imagine the enemy's face. but then, i know its too hard to do so.. budak cmtu mmg payah nk dibetulkan. tgk gaya dah tahu.. but then, the only I can tell her is, doa byk2, klu kite dah usaha, xley gak, biaq p ja.. mmg tu la diantara salah seorang amnusia yg suke create problem dlm hidup dia and turn it to be upside down. seumur hdupnya, xpnh die kne gtu, tp nk wat cmne kan klu dah usaha xley gak? sabar wahai kawanku. tenangkan diri. relax.. jgn smpai manusia tu pny pasal, u r out of control, xd mood, x mkn bagai. die manusia gak. nt mati gak. x kan setia kat dunia ney. oyeaahh! come on friend, relax yaww?? final examination is around the corner. you just have to concentrate on ur studies, ASSIGNMENTS and of course going back for Raya! ^_^ Goodluck lil pal!

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