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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maybe its a test from you to me
Maybe its a punishment from you to me
Maybe its good for me but I didn't realise it
Maybe its stated there which I do not know about it

Oh my ALLAH..
I really need you in this period of time..
I'm having such tough papers to do..
I realise that I'm just a girl that knows nothing in this piece of world..
But, I hope for your mercy..
Please, Please, Please give me some strength to undergo this process of life, ALLAH..

Its not easy to be SOMEBODY..
Its not easy to get all you want in this world
Its not easy to be an educator as well..

I'm hoping for your mercy..
I know you are here..
I know you just listen to what I want..
I know you are reading my blog..

I need those strength, dear ALLAH.


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